UPDATE: Seven residents’ car tyres slashed amid Hulme parking feud

At least seven cars of residents living in Hulme have had their car tyres slashed. The vandalism appears to be a revenge attack in an ongoing parking feud.

On Wednesday 15 March, residents on Lower Moss Lane and Lordsmead Street woke up to find their car tyres had been slashed. This came after an ongoing dispute of residential parking spaces in the area. Residents in the area believe that commuters working close-by in the city centre are “having no consideration at all” for the locals.

A teary-eyed mother of two, Fatima, spoke to TNT about her distress and anxiety following the vandalism her car has received. “I woke up to my car with slashed tyres. All four tyres were slashed. This happened to six of my neighbours too”, Fatima told TNT.

None of the streets in the area have residential parking allocation. This allows anyone to park on the street without time limitations.

Consequently, the residents do not have anywhere to park their cars when the alleged commuters park on their streets. Some of the cars parked are also causing “an obstruction and are affecting pedestrians walking on the pavement”, another resident of the area, Chris Helmerdine told TNT.

Chris and Fatima, have told TNT that they have both written to their Hulme councillor Nigel Murphy about the issues of parking. They say the response they both received is that the council has insufficient funds to provide residential street-parking permits in the area.

Fatima also told us she contacted Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to report the vandalism. GMP logged it as a crime however told her they cannot do anything else without CCTV evidence of the vandal(s).

Protest planned

Local residents are now planning a protest in resistance to the anti-social behaviour within the area, the vandalism and for their street car parking concerns.

Fatima said she had to pay for her children to use a taxi to go to school for the rest of the week. She is now fearful of her safety, in the area she has lived for 9 years. “Obviously, It’s the inconvenience, stress and worry. Am I targeted, is this racially motived? What are the reasons behind this?”, she said.

“Then it’s the cost of getting to work and the children to school. Now I’ve had to call out a local car mechanic, ‘Just Rubbers’, for new tyres. That is me incurring further costs. Where am I going to get the money from?”, she continued.

The residents are concerned this will happen again. Fatima and Chris are asking the local authorities for victim support and neighbourhood safety measures to be in place.

A GMP spokesperson said: “We believe this incident has nothing to do with a “parking feud” and early enquiries suggest it was carried out by a group of youths.

“We are currently monitoring this and working with the council to try and combat antisocial behaviour in the area and find those responsible.

“We have tried contacting one of the victims of this offence a number of times to collect CCTV but they are yet to get back to us.

“I would urge anyone with any information about this incident to please call police on 101”.

TNT News Yasin Chinembiri

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