Update: Strangeways Prisoner in half-naked rooftop protest

A convicted murderer, Stuart Horner, is on the rooftop of HMP Manchester on Bury New Road protesting and claiming he would stay up there for “40 days and 40 nights”.

Horner, who is serving 27 years in prison for killing his uncle, climbed onto the roof on Sunday at around 15.00hrs. On his way to the roof, he climbed over a fence while stripped to just his underwear is now two days into his protest.

This afternoon, the 35-year-old was smashing windows and climbing up chimneys on the top of the high-security men’s jail in north Manchester.

As expected, negotiators have been trying to convince Horner to come down but he refuses whilst shouting things to reporters and photographers and members of the public gathered outside.

Reasons for protest

The inmate has been climbing poles and chimneys, smashing glass panes, banging a metal pole and walking on the edge of the roof. So far, the reasons for his protest are unclear but he was heard yelling about the prison’s conditions.

He has also shouted that he wants to beat the previous record set by a protesting prisoner, by staying up there for 40 days and 40 nights.

It is almost theatrical yet real but he has been communicating with his fellow inmates by shouting from the chimney top. The convicted murderer also has food, water, cigarettes and blankets with him on the roof.

Police and prison riot officers have been keeping a watchful eye, as he clambers across roofs inside the Strangeways compound, causing damage along the way.

TNT will be bringing you more updates on the protest as things develop.

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