US Education survey reveals shocking Civil Rights issues

The U.S. Education Department has just released the 2013-2014 results of the Civil Rights Data Collection survey (CRDC) – covering more than 95,000 schools and 50 million students. Some of the facts are shocking and reveal that discrimination is still a big thing in America.

According to the survey, 50% of public school students are of colour. Black and Latino students make up 40% of those enrolled at schools that offer AP courses and the same stands for advanced math and chemistry, physics, algebra II and calculus.

CRDC says that black pre-schoolers are almost 4 times more likely to be suspended than white pre-schoolers. For students, black students are about twice as likely to be referred to law enforcement or even arrested as a result of a school incident.

In addition to that, it appears that one out of two American high schools with high black and Latino enrolment have assigned police officers, whereas 10 per cent of the teachers in those schools are in their first year, compared with 5 per cent in largely white schools.

Are these results a coincidence or America has still a lot of civil and social equality issues to resolve? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Photo credit: Woodley wonder works

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