Usher and Nas release ‘Chains’ on Tidal – Watch

Usher and Nas have a new interactive video called Chains. The track was released through Tidal, a subscription-based music streaming service that charges £9.99 – £19.99 per month to access their exclusive content. The interactive video forces its audience to confront the reality of police brutality.

If you allow Tidal to access your webcam, you can watch the video while your camera monitors your face. The black-and-white protest track highlights images of black men and women who have died under the hands of the police.

Using the advanced facial-recognition, the video will pause if you look away or let your eyes wander from the victims faces. Along with the message “Don’t look away”, the hard hitting track forces you to face the victims of racial profiling who have needlessly died as a result. Usher pushed the point further with the lyric “We’re still in chains. You put the shame on us.”

TNT Entertainment

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