Video exposes TI and Tiny’s relationship – Watch

A suggestive video has emerged, giving an insight into the relationship of American rapper ‘T.I’ and his singer-songwriter wife, ‘Tiny’.

It’s been suspected for some time that the relationship between TI and Tiny is, somewhat untraditional. With numerous women claiming to have had sexual relations with T.I – reportedly to the knowledge of Tiny – plus rumours of threesomes, the footage doesn’t come as a huge surprise.

The video shows a room full of people, including the couple, who sit next to one another on a sofa. Sat on either side of them are two other women, both wearing bikinis. The camera also cuts to the back of a third mystery lady on the floor, who is knelt down completely naked.

After the latest accusation of T.I cheating hitting the headlines just a few months ago, the footage suggests that the couple are far from facing problems. Either the cheating rumours aren’t true, or T.I sleeping with other women is something that’s acceptable in their relationship.

It’s unclear what exactly is going on in the footage, but it could be confirmation of suspicions that the pair engage in a swinging lifestyle.

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Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight

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