‘VIP’ paedophile ring

In the hope that 2015 can be the year we say goodbye to skeletons in society’s closet. Be it austerity, police brutality or state torture, there is much that came to a head in 2014 that needs remedying so we can move on and eradicate these horrors from our lives.

In 2014 three MPs and three Lords were implicated in an investigation into allegations that prominent figures, perhaps even cabinet ministers, were involved in Marquis de Sade-style paedophile rings that not only involved the physical and sexual abuse of young boys, but even their murders.

In what is becoming known as the ‘VIP’ paedophile ring, due to several judges, parliamentarians and celebrities implicated as among its ranks, our whole Government is being brought into disrepute by the astonishing atrocities that at, least from the allegations, seem to have permeated the Government, the justice system, the media and even people with links to the Royal household.

A dossier by Labour MP John Mann names 22 high-profile men who are “worthy of investigation” according to The Sunday Times. The list includes 12 former ministers, some of which he claims were “definitely child abusers,” and two of which are implicated in the Dolphin Square “abuse parties.”

Dolphin Square is an old, prestigious estate long favoured by bankers, judges and politicians and where several episodes of unthinkable sexual atrocities are alleged to have happened; acts that Mr Mann says have been alleged to have involved one celebrity and an organised crime ring.

The revelations come after a series of detailed articles on investigative journalism website Exaro. There’s more to the story than just the organised kidnapping and abuse of young boys however. The Metropolitan Police are investigating claims that three young boys who were victims of the VIP paedophile ring, were killed at the hands of their abusers following evidence from a witness whose claims the Met Police believe are both “credible and true.”

The witness, known only as ‘Nick’, claims that the abuse, which took place in the ‘80s and ‘90s, saw a Conservative MP strangle a boy to death in a sex act, another beaten to death by his abusers and a third run over in a deliberate attempt to silence other victims. His own torment started at the age of 11, when his abusive dad offered him to the VIP ring and only ended at 16; the age he stopped being a child.

Nick details the horrors he was subjected to, saying the first time he was abused was at a Christmas party. He said the children were ordered not to speak to each other and that the abuse was often brutal and sadistic.

He said: “We were asked if we wanted a drink. It was always whisky. Both MPs were brutal. I was raped over a bath-tub while my head was beneath the water.”

If this proves to be true, then for too long the House of Parliament, Downing Street and Scotland Yard have been sites of abuse or at least cover-ups and in order to have a bright new future, we must uncover and remedy a dark, old past.

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