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Viral BBC interview prompts ‘Why ‘the nanny’ and not the wife?’ debate

A viral BBC interview video clip that has left the world in fits of laughter, has now a left a sour taste for many others.

The clip is of a report with an International Relations professor went wrong when it was interrupted by two children.

Professor Robert Kelly was in a live BBC interview, discussing South Korea when his two children briefly interrupted. Kelly managed to remain composed when the children barged in.

The children’s mother realised they were missing and frantically entered the room, dragging the children out.

The video went viral, gaining millions of views. Twitter users described it to be “the funniest thing the BBC has ever broadcast”. However, the broadcast didn’t just gain major views; it ignited a debate about racism, sexism and stereotyping.

Many were quick to assume that Kelly’s South Korean wife Jung- a Kim was ‘the nanny’. Reading her panicked behaviour incorrectly, many joked that ‘the nanny’ would lose her job over the mishap.

“Immigrant nanny probably got chewed out / fired”, one Twitter user wrote.

Such biased assumptions resulted in many social media users being accused of holding ‘racist’ views.

Many believed that this only highlighted that there are widespread racist stereotypes about Asian women. It is suggested that they can only fit into roles where they hold an inferior status.

One twitter user wrote, “Why is everyone assuming that the woman in that hilarious BBC interview the nanny? “ Why isn’t it his wife?” the user wrote.

Another user wrote, “LOVED that BBC video. But do NOT assume an Asian woman with a white man is the nanny. Such subtle racism”.

Other users have defended the idea that Kim was a nanny. Debatably, Kim’s facial expressions and speedy exit from the room suggested that she was concerned about her job.

It may be the case that Kim acted as a mother would. She may appear to be servile but simply wanted to prevent a disaster from happening.

The video is being re-examined. It is believed that Kim was actually on the toilet which is why she reacted frantically.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Canal 13 San Juan TV

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