Virtual world trip leaves kids in awe

Children from Beaumont Primary School in Bolton have had a special educational experience recently – the chance to see the wonders of the world from the comfort of their classroom.

Google Expeditions Virtual Reality took a trip to the school for a one-day session, in which the children visited a number of exciting locations across the globe. These included a peek inside Buckingham Palace and a trip to the Great Wall of China.

School senior leader Nikesh Gandhi explains how the session worked.

“Once selected, children looked through the virtual reality headsets and were transported to the chosen location in a 360 degree immersive experience.

“As the teacher, we were able to pinpoint specific features or locations within the expedition to direct the children to a point of learning”.

10-year-old Luke Wardle – Beaumont Primary School pupil – has spoken fondly of the experience. “I loved turning around at one point to see a shark staring right at me. It was also interesting to see inside Buckingham Palace”.

The school enjoyed the sessions so much that they are now looking to purchase a set of the devices of their own. To do this they will need funding and so have tweeted saying, “If any businesses want to help our cluster of schools, get in touch”.

If they do get their hands on a set, they’re keen to loan them to other schools, so that more children can enjoy and learn from the experience.

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Photo credit: Bandara

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