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We must fight for a better future: if you can’t find someone to vote for, find someone to vote against” – Lee Jasper.

The UK will be going to the ballot boxes on May 7 in the next general election. It’s fair to say that since the coalition government took office in 2010 there has been one thing uniting the country’s restless voters – their dissatisfaction with the state of UK democracy.

A study conducted by the University of Edinburgh showed that 77 per cent of British voters are frustrated with UK politics. Many say they will be resorting to a process of elimination as opposed to simply choosing who to vote for. Nevertheless, TNT’s stance has and always will be to vote for the party that best serves your interests.

As the election campaign gets underway, the polls have already shown that the election will not be a straightforward choice between the UK’s main parties. In reality it is a multiple party race to a coalition with Labour, Green, Conservative, Ukip, SNP, Liberal Democrats and others all in the run-in.

As things stand, both Labour and the Tories will fall short of gaining a majority, and whoever between the two is to form a government will most likely need the support of multiple parties to do so. Interestingly, both Labour and SNP have categorically said that they will not enter into a coalition with each other. The question, then, is who else can either of them work with should they win seats?


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