Voting Test- where do you stand?


With the General Election arriving in May of this year, we thought we’d make a fun little test so you can use the results as a rough guide to the kind of party you should consider looking into before you hit the polling booth.

The test is not an exact science by any means, but depending on your score, we encourage to look into the policies and ambitions of the whichever party matches your score.

Fill out your score for each issue then tot them up at the end for your final score.



I think immigration is way out of hand [0 points] 

I think immigration should be controlled so that people can come in, but only where there is a need for them [1 pt] 

I think immigration is and always has been vital to the future of the country [2 pts]



I think the NHS has failed and should be sold off, ending free healthcare [0 pts] 

I think most of the healthcare should be run by the government, but if its cost effective, some should be sold to profit-making companies [1 pt]

I think free healthcare is the right of every UK citizen [2 pts] 



I think austerity will work in the long run, we just have to sit it out [0 pts]

I think we should make cuts to non-essential public services, projects and initiatives [1 pt] 

Austerity has not, is not and will not work, it just makes things worse while not addressing what caused the financial crisis in the first place [2 pts] 



I don’t think we need to prepare for the effects of a changing climate, nor do I think we should look to drive towards secure, sustainable energy, or be worried about fracking [0 pts]

I think we should think about ways which we can go more ‘green’ while maintaining our current environmental and energy policies and course [1 pt] 

I think we should update our environmental defenses, like flood and coastal protection, and aim to move away from a fossil-fuel-based energy market, especially fracking [2 pts] 


European Union

I think we need to leave the EU because it dilutes our sense of Britishness [0 pts]

I don’t mind being a part of the EU, but it has to be on our terms [1 pt]

I am happy with the visa-free travel, possibilities to work/retire abroad, and sense of solidarity with our closest neighbours and allies [2 pts]


If you scored 0-3 points, then you should seriously consider looking into the policies of the Conservative Party and Ukip, although they do differ on several issues.

If your score was between 3 and 7, it could well be that Labour represent your views, so have a listen to what they are saying. If it was between 5 and 8, you may also want to consider the Liberal Democrats in your thinking.

If your score is between 7 and 10, then we think you should seriously consider learning more about what the Greens are hoping to achieve.

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