Warning over WhatsApp Gold scam

A new, supposedly ‘exclusive’ version of WhatsApp has been dubbed as a dodgy scam.

‘WhatsApp Gold’ has surfaced recently, appearing to people in a WhatsApp message, claiming to be an invite-only, new version of the app.

It lures users in by creating the illusion that it’s a special version that not everyone has access to. The message also boasts an abundance of exciting new features, such as sending more than 100 pictures at once and deleting messages you send by mistake.

In reality however, if downloaded, the app infiltrates your device with malware – software specifically designed to do damage.

This infection of malware could have all kinds of consequences, including potentially allowing hackers to have access to your information and whereabouts.

WhatsApp Gold is the latest in a string of different scams on the app and must be avoided at all costs, no matter how desirable the new version may sound. For those who have already downloaded WhatsApp Gold, it’s strongly advised that it is uninstalled as soon as possible.

‘WhatsApp Plus’ was another scam that had an effect on many users, which WhatsApp confirmed they had no connection with.

WhatsApp has warned users that they should delete and report any future messages of this kind.

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Photo Credit: Tech2Explore

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