Warriors owner ‘tired’ of facing LeBron in NBA Finals

Though his team is going back to the NBA Finals for the fourth year in a row, Warriors owner Joe Lacob is growing tired of LeBron James standing in the way of another Golden State title.

Following the Warriors’ 101-92 victory over the Houston Rockets in Game 7 on 28 May, Lacob said he too is fatigued about facing the Cleveland Cavaliers again, when asked about their Finals date.

“Sort of tired of Cleveland to be honest,” Lacob told The Athletic’s Anthony Slater. “But having said that, LeBron James is an immense challenge, an incredible player. It’ll be fun.”

The road to the Finals hasn’t been easy for Cleveland and Golden State this season with both teams pushed to Game 7 of their conference finals against Boston and Houston, respectively.

“It was a very tough series,” Lacob said. “Winning on the road, first time we’ve ever done that in Game 7. That’s a big one. But the big one’s still to come. Gotta go win the title.”

While the Warriors own two of the last three championship titles when facing the Cavaliers, all eyes will be on James once more, as he returns to the Finals for the eighth straight time, hoping to bring another title back to Cleveland.

Meanwhile, a lot of talk has been going on about the way James gets all the shine instead of the entire team. Stephen Curry told USA Today before his Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals that James is “amazing,” but that his teammates don’t get enough credit.

“I hate when people say that,” Curry said. “Like it’s – they’re NBA players, and yeah they’re new and what-not and ‘Bron is amazing, he played an unbelievable playoff run to date and has willed his team to his eighth straight Finals and all that, which is unbelievable to think about the consistency and the longevity and just the level of greatness that he’s shown in the Eastern Conference.”

“As a basketball fan, to turn on the TV last night and watch the game, and there were points in the game where you didn’t know how it was going to play out and they found a way to get it done, so shout-out to him.

It was an amazing performance, but don’t disrespect the other guys out there. They fought hard too.”

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