Denzel Washington soars to Oscar nod

Denzel Washington is a powerhouse of cinema.  With explosive diverse roles in titles including Training Day, The Bone Collector and American Gangster, to name but a few.

His latest role, in ‘Flight’ sees him take on the challenging character of alcoholic airline pilot Whip Whitfield.

The film begins with Whip and an airline hostess in a hotel room, the morning after a booze and drug fuelled binge. He attempts to fly a packed jumbo jet whilst continuing to drink and
falls asleep – plunging the plane into peril. Once Awoken, Whitfield manages to dramatically land the plane, saving many lives but 6 people are killed.

Whitfield is a hero to the press and public, but soon things take a devastating turn. It becomes clear that he is being investigated regarding his drinking before and during the
disastrous flight.

Don Cheadle puts in a powerful performance as a top notch lawyer sent to defend the castigated pilot. But as is often the case, Washington steals the show with his portrayal of a
deeply flawed character.


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photo credit: Athena LeTrelle

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