Wave of condolences after Dr Sebi dies in custody – Watch

Famed herbal healer and pathologist, Dr Sebi, has died at the age of 82 whilst in police custody.

According to a statement posted by his daughter on Twitter, the holistic medicine proponent was arrested in Honduras airport for having over $37,000 [£28,300] in his possession.

The police department in Honduras claim that Sebi was already unwell and that he later died of pneumonia whilst in custody.

Dr Sebi – who was born Alfredo Bowman – rose to fame during the 1980s where he fought to defend his honour, after declaring his holistic approach cured deadly diseases such as AIDS, sickle cell, lupus, diabetes and cancer.

After Sebi made his claim, he was later sued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for false advertising and for practising medicine without a license.

In his court case, Sebi was ordered to present at least one witness for each case of disease he claimed to heal. Sebi, instead, produced over 70 witnesses to support his claims – overwhelmingly proving he cured all the diseases he claimed to.

Despite the charges were then dropped on all accounts, Dr Sebi’s protocol on his healing methods is still suppressed to this day, with many unaware of his outstanding and life changing achievements.

Sebi treated several high profile figures in his lifetime, including the late Michael Jackson as well as the late Lisa Lopez.

Since the announcement of his death, which was posted on 7 August, Twitter has seen an outpour of respect and commiseration for the 82-year-old healer.

One Twitter user, @CDiDDY77 tweeted “RIP #DrSebi thank you for providing the world with the true facts on nutrition and how to heal our bodies”. Another user, @AmpAnthonyC, stated “Dr Sebi has left us to be with the ancestors. May we honour his legacy. #DrSebi”.

Amid the wave of condolences that have been posted on his social media pages, there has been a conspicuous amount of suspicion regarding the conditions of his death.

Unconfirmed reports say that Dr Sebi died in custody of a Mexican prison while other posts have stated he died in his native state of Honduras.

Other conspiracy theories have also risen. Some reports suggest large pharmaceutical companies are to blame for his death as his cure for cancer would result in detrimental effects on big business.

Whilst theories surrounding his death continue to emerge, our hearts and sincerest condolences go out to the friends and family of the profoundly cherished healer.

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Photo Credit: blackmagik363

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