Ways to be a tourist in Manchester (part 2)

Do you ever think back and wish you’d be able to see your favourite film or taste your favourite dish for the very first time? To savour the experience of something new and exquisite that promises you endless joy? That’s how we feel about our city.

If you thought last week’s post for TNT’s Ultimate Guide to Manchester just wasn’t long enough, we couldn’t agree more.

This week we’re giving you just more and more ways to be a tourist in Manchester. Why wouldn’t you want to be?

Central Library

Manchester’s Central Library is the hub of the city’s library services. Built between 1930 and 1934, the stunning architectural setting and beautifully marbled interior make it a must-visit landmark in Manchester. With a quiet space to read, work and relax, the Central Library is a complete haven for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

National Football Museum 

The National Football Museum was moved from Preston to the city centre in 2012. And we couldn’t be more grateful. The museum preserves, conserves and interprets important collections of football memorabilia. The museum is a must-see for dedicated football fans.

Manchester Museum 

Located on Oxford Road and embedded within The University of Manchester campus is the Manchester Museum. Displaying works of archaeology, anthropology and natural history, the museum is the UK’s largest university Museum. The Manchester Museum also serves as a significant visitor attraction and as a resource for academic research and teaching. With a giant dinosaur skeleton gracing the large hall, what’s not to love?

Manchester Cathedral 

The Manchester Cathedral is a Grade I listed masterpiece. Telling the tales of Manchester’s rich and extensive history, the Cathedral has survived centuries of wars and bombings and Henry VIII’s reformation. The Cathedral has also witnessed the birth of the world’s anti-slavery movement and lived the Industrial Revolution first hand.

Old Trafford Grounds 

A visit around Manchester would just not be complete without experiencing the history and atmosphere of the world’s most iconic football stadium. Be sure to book early for the chance of getting an award-winning tour of the grounds that we all know and love.

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