The Wedding Gecko’s most ambitious show to date

Gecko is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed physical theatre company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav. Established in 2001, Gecko has developed 6 full-length shows. Also numerous youth projects and workshops and celebrated its 15th anniversary last year.

We are all married, bound by a contract. But what are the terms of this relationship? And can we consider a divorce?

Gecko’s seventh creation

The Wedding, is inspired by the complexities of human nature: the struggle between love, anger, creation, destruction, community and isolation. The extraordinary ensemble of nine international performers guides audiences through a blur of wedding dresses and contractual obligations. The Wedding brings contracts into question with an emotionally charged performance.

We all want to believe in our journey, but where are we heading? Is it too late to stop, to go back, to fall in love, to start again?

Amit Lahav, Gecko’s Artistic Director, has devised a rigorous process of developing a show over a period of two years.  Including an initial phase of development followed by a Creation Tour in which the show changes and progresses dramatically.

Amit Lahav, Gecko’s Artistic Director said: “Our first experience with HOME was last year with Institute. I think we all felt that there was a chemistry with the HOME team and its place in the City; a shared vision regarding our style and approach to performance.


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