Weight Watchers mocked for rebranding to WW

Weight Watchers has unveiled a slimmed down version of its name, rebranding itself WW, in what it says marks “the next stage of the company’s evolution”.

The company says the new name reflects its development from focusing on weight loss to overall health and wellness.

However, the chief executive was unable to explain what the letters WW stood for.

Mindy Grossman said they did not stand for Weight Watchers or “Wellness that Works”, a phrase the company has trademarked, but were simply “a marque”.

“That marque represents our heritage and history and what we are going forward,” she said.

Ms Grossman, who took the helm just over a year ago, said the firm had been shifting from a focus on just weight loss to its broader remit looking at “wellness” over the past two years.

“This is just a next step, a point of validation. Like any brand we have to stay relevant,” she said.

The company has been mocked on social media for the rebranding. Some people have pointed out that WW has a regrettable connotation when spoken out loud.

Diana Mahon, from Kent, wrote on Twitter: “Just heard on the radio how Weight Watchers are having a rebrand and their new logo is WW. Say this out loud and it says ‘double u double u’ .. surely they should [be] promising to half you not double you ???”

Lauren Turner tweeted: “It takes twice as many syllables to say the new #WeightWatchers name #WW as the original. Maybe that burns more calories or something?”

Many others mocked the new rebranding with some even saying they will always refer to the company as Weight Watchers not WW.

US media personality Oprah Winfrey – who bought a stake in the company in 2015 and works as an ambassador for Weight Watchers – said she had always thought that the company’s role in people’s lives “goes far beyond a number on the scale”.

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