Wellness hub tackles fibroids amongst black women

Noire Wellness is a wellness brand established in 2016. They aim to improve the health and well-being of African and Caribbean communities living in the UK. Providing a range of enriching wellness experiences.

Newly established wellness brand Noire launched its first community wellness hub. Tackling fibroid’s amongst women of African and African Caribbean decent.

According to charitable incorporated organisation The Lake Foundation, fibroid’s is more common in black women. With an estimated 55-80% of black women affected. Noire Wellness joins the many health advocates battling for wider recognition of the problems caused by fibroid’s. Such as noncancerous growths on the uterus, bloating, discomfort and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Since supporting their chosen charity to help improve the health and wellness of African and African Caribbean communities in the UK. Noire Wellness have observed a rising battle amongst women who are suffering in silence with a lack of support and information on a holistic approach to managing their condition.

“We’re happy to begin the provision of a wellness experience inspired by Africa and the Caribbean women living with fibroids. Connecting with others and rejuvenate in order to help manage and reduce the effects of fibroids”, said Candice Bryan, Noire Wellness CEO & Founder.

After their successful 12 week pilot hub last year, which received incredible reviews. Noire Wellness have started their health series focusing on fibroids and have plans to programme diabetes, sicklecell and lupus hubs in the future.

With drug marketers planning a great deal of education and fibroids awareness seemingly on the rise. Noire Wellness aim to provide a wellness experience that not only helps women to rejuvenate, but explore a holistic approach to managing the condition.

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Photo Credit: Brandon Morgan/Candice Bryan

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