Wendy Williams faints on live TV

Wendy Williams passed out during the Halloween episode of her talk show on Halloween.

The 53-year-old host was dressed in costume as the Statue of Liberty. Her speech started slowing down as she spoke to the audience and she stumbled before falling to the ground.

Members of her staff ran to her aid.

After a commercial break, she told the audience: “That was not a stunt. I overheated in my costume. I passed out.”

“I’m a champ and I’m back,” she continued.

She seemed to have recovered in the episode as she was dancing around with fans who were also dressed in Halloween costumes.

At 12:20 p.m., Williams emerged from the studio garage in the back of an SUV and opened the window for a second.

After the show aired, William’s spokesman, Ronn Torossian, released a statement:

“Ms. Williams fainted on-air this morning. She is dehydrated and is on her way home for a good day and nite of sleep”. He continued: “She has been examined by medical professionals and is well. She is ok and will continue as shows as planned.

“She has never missed a day of work and is looking forward on November 13th to her 1500th show.”

Meanwhile, US rapper and actor 50 Cent has not been sympathetic with Williams. The pair are known to be bitter rivals, often trading punches via social media posts.

“Happy Halloween Catch 50Central tomorrow night at 10:30 PM, I’m gonna over heat in my costume. LOL #50centralbet,” wrote 50 in an Instagram post.”

50’s trolling didn’t stop there. He wrote more in another post, suggesting Williams had been faking the whole thing.

“What is this‍♂️it just looks like bad acting to me. LOL she said she over heated in her costume. #50centralbet”.

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Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight

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