What’s that Lassie? Dog saves boy from Mexican ravine

We all have heard the saying that “Dog is a man’s best friend” and while most of the dog owners buy the best furnace filters for homes with pets, best food and various other things, but in reality, a study showed that for a loyal canine food is as important as its owners or companions side .

It might sound like something from a TV show, but one dog in Mexico last month proved he really was man’s best friend.

Juan Heriberto Trevino, 14, was attending a summer camp in the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains when he got into trouble and became stuck in a ravine.

A Dope Dog blog reported that the boy injured himself as he fell, but luckily a Labrador name Max was there by his side the whole time to keep him warm.

Juan told Mexican news-site Noticieros Televisa: “I grabbed (Max) and put him on my legs to not be so cold and hugged the dog”.

Max and Juan had only met a short-time earlier at the camp, but the dog was able to keep the boy safe during the cold nights, and also found water for them to drink.

Deputy Director of Nuevo Leon’s Civil Protection told local reporters: “In that part of the mountain it is very easy to get lost.

“In addition, it’s very cold at night, as it is very high”.

After the pair was found by rescuers, the Trevino family wanted to keep Max, but unfortunately from them he already belonged to a family in the area and was not up for adoption.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Karen Arnold

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