When Science Met Poetry

Far from a cookie-cutter rom-com, the story of when Science met Poetry is a somewhat less predictable, and hugely enjoyable, affair.

With Manchester named the European City of Science 2016, the long-running ‘Science Meets Poetry’ event was brought to John Rylands Library.

Six poets and six scientists were partnered up to explore each other’s world, and produce written works which were then performed for a small audience as they toured the gothic building.

Each performance meditated on different avenues of scientific endeavour, from an exploration of crowd behaviour to the surreal tale of A day in the Life of Disco Kenobi.

One highlight included the administering of a Turing Test; where the audience was challenged to tell whether several pieces poetry were written by humans, or written by a computer algorithm.

The performances ranged from modern science to ancient history, colliding the two together, with one performance using a quote from Plato’s Symposia to talk about the universe’s first moments.

The library itself provided a perfect setting for ‘Science Meets Poetry’, which has been running as part of the European Science Open Forum (ESOF) since 2006, and the event is well worth seeing.

This was a truly engaging exploration of the relationship between two diverse disciplines.

TNT Lifestyle Lewis Chapman-Barker

Photo Credit: University of Manchester, felixioncoolMovieclips, Tedx Talks

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