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When you say can’t, you won’t…

“I can’t tek this motherhood ting”, Lela said, as she handed over her one month old baby to Sasha, “This is why I need Roman, look at ma yard; it’s a bombsite.”

Happily receiving Diamond Jewel while pulling smiley faces, Sasha said, “Come to Aunty Sasha, mummy is talking crazy isn’t she”.

“I’m not Sash, this having a pickney ting is not what it’s all cracked up to be”.

“You just need time to adjust Lela”, Knight said who, along with the rest of The Six, started to tidy up Lela’s apartment.

“Give me Babygirl, let me have a go at holding her”, Ben said while plying alcohol gel to his hands.

“No”, Sasha said, “She’s not a toy you know, and anyway you need to learn to be more open about things”.

The Six all looked at Sasha confusingly.

Knight dawning yellow marigolds, with a feather duster in his left hand asked, “Is it that time of the month Empress?”

“Anyway”, Nia started as she passed the bottle of milk to Sasha to feed Diamond Jewel, “I think it’s healthy, if possible, for the child to have their mother and father together. It’s also nice to have the help with the day-to-day grind”.

Steele, while wrestling with the hoover commented, “When a black child has their mother and father, I believe they have a better chance of competing with other children of other communities”.

Lela mused, “Maybe that’s why the Black Coffee is trying to sort tings with di pregnant gyal, that B saw him with at the hospital.”

“Nonsense” Steele argued, “We don’t even know if the pregnant woman is having this man’s child, you really need to talk him Sash”.

Passing Diamond Jewel to Steele to finish feeding her, Sasha stated, “I did talk with him and apparently the youtes not his, she is a friend who has no one, he took me to meet her”.

“He took you to meet her?” Ben asked astonished, “It’s serious tings now then”.

“No”, Sasha quickly answered, “Even though the Black Coffee is finally on my page I just can’t be in a relationship with him right now”.

Lela stunned asked, “Are you fi real, after all di months yuh a obsess over di Black coffee eh?”

Sasha explained, “The whole Black Coffee situation has been stress and a friend of mine mentioned that it shouldn’t be hard if it’s right”. Looking at Ben suggestively, Sasha continued, “So I just can’t”.

While burping Diamond Jewel Steele warned, “When you say can’t, you won’t…But when you say can, you do.”

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