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White American reporter resigns after calling herself the N-word

A white American news reporter has resigned after calling herself the N-word in a recent social media exchange.

Valerie Hoff, an Atlanta TV reporter and frequent CNN contributor, resigned from her position in light of a Twitter conversation.

Curtis Rivers, an African-American man, got hold of a video that captured an act of police brutality in Atlanta.

The video reportedly showed a white police officer punching a black motorist.

Rivers then tweeted that an overwhelming number of “news n***as” were asking to use his video footage.

On April 13, Hoff, 54, was trying to obtain a copy of the video when she replied: “Please call this news n***a”.

At first, Rivers was amused at the attention and answered Hoff’s questions without hesitation.

But minutes later, he commented: “I just looked through your photos on Twitter and realised you aren’t black but called me a n***a”.

Hoff then explained that she was referring to herself, telling Rivers that she was a “news lady” for 11 Alive.

But Rivers was not impressed, and proceeded to ask how he could go about contacting Hoff’s manager or lawyer.

Hoff, a mother-of-two from Atlanta, Georgia, was put on a two-week suspension, but as community pressure built up, she resigned.

Although Hoff says she was merely quoting Rivers, she understands that that doesn’t make the slur “any less offensive”.

She told local media that using the word was “incredibly stupid and reckless”.

Rivers told a local newspaper: “I just think it wasn’t right for her to use that word in regards to a person who is African American on herself”.

Given her confidence in using it, Rivers added: “I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time she has used that word.”

11 Alive boss John Deushane also spoke to the The Atlanta Journal Constitution about the incident.

He said: “11 Alive does not tolerate any form of racial insensitivity and aggressively enforces our standard policies.

“We acted promptly to address this situation. Valerie Hoff has chosen to resign and apologises for her actions”.

11 Alive say they are committed to treating the communities they serve with dignity and respect.

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Photo Credit: Bryan Crabtree

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