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White man arrested claims he was treated “like a black person”


If you are still in denial about the existence of white privilege, then we hope this story brings some well-overdue acknowledgement of the phenomena.

A white man who was arrested at a Florida airport on 16 August had a breakdown indicative of someone with white privilege.

Jeffrey Epstein, a doctor from Lakeland, Florida, was “frothing at the mouth while yelling obscenities” in a ticket line at the Orlando International Airport, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The 59-year-old was removed from the line and told he could not fly before throwing a loud temper tantrum and refusing to leave the airport.

Police attempted to arrested him but he refused and was thrown to the ground and pepper sprayed.

When he hit the ground, the doctor yelled, “You’re treating me like a f**king Black person!”

Here’s a hint: If he was really treated like a “Black person,” he would have been fatally shot the millisecond he resisted arrest, which he most certainly did. Lucky for him, his white privilege saved his day, and life.

Epstein was charged with battery, resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct before being released on bond.

“I’m a provocative guy, and I do it on purpose,” Epstein told “You know why? Because people don’t say stuff. If you say it, people will debate it and talk about it. Maybe we’ll get a solution.”

He continued: “I figured a white guy getting arrested at an airport might get some attention to these Black people who I think are legitimately concerned. If I was a Black person, I’d be terrified.”

Police said they found cannabis on him, but Epstein claimed he was “not under the influence of any drugs when the incident happened.”

Again, if he was really being treated like a Black person, he would be locked up for longer than he needs to be and forced to take a plea deal that could ruin the rest of his life. He might also have a “terrorist ” charge slapped on his record because the incident was at an airport.

But we doubt this will happen, as Dr. Epstein’s white privilege has already kicked in, which means he will more than likely be cleared of all charges.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Shaun King

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