Why should you negotiate?

You may not realise it, but we negotiate on a daily basis. Everybody does it. From the time you wake up until you go to sleep – whether you are male or female, an adult or a child.

So why do we negotiate?

Well, for most of us, we negotiate to protect a need or a want. We negotiate because we want to make things better for ourselves, families, friends, workmates and even strangers.

The author Claire Danes states ‘relationships are a constant negotiation and balance’.
Being able to negotiate can help to solve conflict and disagreements. Without negotiating, such conflicts may lead to resentment, arguments and people feeling dissatisfied.

If we are more effective at negotiating, it should help us to keep balance in our lives. Negotiation is vital to healthy personal, social and professional relationships. However, we must learn how to merge our wants and needs with those of others.

Being a good negotiator can help you get what you want without being pushy or aggressive. They can even lessen the chances that others (and they will try), take advantage of you. They will be unable to just demand things from you and you are unlikely to just ‘cave in’.

Therefore, it makes sense that we improve our negotiating skills and the following may help:

Make sure you know clearly what the other parties/persons needs are. What will satisfy them and is it reasonable. This may actually help you to identify things that you both have in common and what common ground you share.

Make sure that you know what your wants and needs are. What are your priorities, what are you prepared to compromise on and what is your bottom line…

Listen carefully to what the other person/party is articulating. Try not to interrupt or talk over them. This will help to eliminate any misunderstandings. After listening, remember to emphasize the points you agree on.

You must be assertive and not aggressive when you are negotiating. Any act of aggression is actually a sign of weakness and not strength. Controlling your emotions is vital.

Being a good negotiator is also about problem solving and identifying solutions that work for you and the other party.

Try the points above and you will be able to negotiate with confidence and success.
Stay focused and stay blessed.
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