‘Wicked’ lodger jailed for rape and murder of trainee lawyer

A mechanic has been jailed for at least 27 years for raping and strangling a “beautiful and talented” trainee lawyer in an act of “unspeakable wickedness”, the judge in his trial said.

24-year-old Peter Kibisu attacked family friend Elizabeth Nnyanzi, 31, in her bedroom after a night out. Kibisu had been rejected by a girl during a boozy night out in August, the Old Bailey heard.

Hours later, he then tried to cover his tracks by claiming he had come home from work to find her dead amid signs of a break-in which he had orchestrated.

Kibisu had been taken in by Miss Nnyanzi’s family when he was homeless.

The tearful family of Miss Nnyanzi gathered at the Old Bailey, where Kibisu was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 27 years. The judge Richard Marks QC said: “She was a quite outstanding young woman of immense talent and ability with a life of huge potential ahead of her. She was variously described as caring, tenacious, hard working, beautiful and graceful”.

The murderer and rapist also sent texts to the Imperial College graduate’s phone in a deliberate attempt to divert police from the truth.

It was only after his story about an intruder at the £600,000 home in Harrow, north-west London, unravelled that Kibisu admitted his crimes.

Unspeakable wickedness

Kibisu dialled 999 to report that he had come home from work and found Nnyanzi not breathing. On arrival, police officers found her lying dead in her bedroom wearing a jumper dress and underwear that had been put on inside out.

The patio door was ajar and tool marks suggested an intruder, while Kibisu appeared to be in “extreme distress, crying and sobbing”, the prosecutor said.

Upon seeing Kibisu, officers found that he had noticeable marks on his face, neck and arms which he put down to work-related injuries and his barber.

A pair of bloodied shorts belonging to the Miss Nnyanzi were found in a bin, and Kibisu’s DNA was found under her broken fingernails, showing how she had tried to fight him off during the attack.

“Your actions were those of unspeakable wickedness and it is frankly hard to comprehend how you could have done that to anybody, still less a young woman like her”, judge Marks QC said.

Kibisu was branded a “wolf in sheep’s skin” by the victim’s mother, Coleen. She said she was shattered by her daughter’s murder and the family left in a state of permanent anguish.

In mitigation, an apology from Kibisu was read out saying he will spend the rest of his life “trying to be a better person”.

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