Widespread anger over Theresa May’s response to Grenfell Tower fire

Anger over Theresa May’s cold response, whilst Jeremy Corbyn, the Queen and the Duke of Cambridge offer warm visit to survivors

Theresa May visited Grenfell Tower on Thursday 15 June but is facing heavy criticism for not speaking to any of the survivors or families searching for their missing loved ones.

The prime minister instead met firefighters and police, thanking them for their efforts.

She also stayed away from reporters on the scene.

Grafitti was later seen on the estate that said: ‘Theresa May stay away’.

In a sharp contrast, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the survivors and family members of victims and those still missing. He was seen speaking to many of the survivors, relatives and praising emergency services. He hugged and comforted residents and distraught relatives.

Many people have spoken about how Mr Corbyn is ‘genuinely concerned and sincerely cares about people affected’.

One angry resident broke through a police cordon to criticise Theresa May’s decision not to meet survivors. Another resident said that even the Queen and the Duke of Cambridge met the victims and distraught relatives of the Grenfell Tower fire.

‘Theresa May was here but she didn’t speak to any of us’, the woman told Mr Corbyn. ‘She was s**t’.

On her return to Downing Street, May announced a public inquiry into the cause of the fire. She said: ‘The response of the community has been extraordinary.

‘It has shown the great spirit of the people in response to a tragedy such as this. The government stands ready to provide every assistance to the emergency services and the local authorities’.

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