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Windows 10 raises concerns over data privacy

The EU data-protection watchdog remains ‘concerned’ over the level of protection of personal data taken by Windows 10 operating system.

According to the regulator, Microsoft’s latest system was not giving users enough control over the data that was being supplied. A lack of information surrounding the processing and handling of personal data was found to be a cause of concern.

A year after these initial concerns were raised, Microsoft introduced an expanded settings menu. The update was designed to give customers installing the software more information on data privacy.

However, the EU’s Article 29 Working Party has stated that changes still lack suitable disclosure to software users.

Chair of the Working Party, Isabel Falque-Pierrotin, claims that parts of the update on data privacy are not clear.  This unclarity includes to what extent users will be informed about the specific data collected. The new settings “leave much to be desired in their specificity”, she said.

“Microsoft should clearly explain what kinds of personal data are processed for what purposes,” the letter said. “Without such information, consent cannot be informed, and therefore, not valid”.

In response to these claims, Microsoft said it was listening carefully to comments from the EU. Microsoft “will continue to cooperate with the Working Party and national data-protection agencies”.

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Photo Credit: CHM Tech

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