‘WIT’ comes to Royal Exchange Theatre

Rarely performed in the UK, Margaret Edson’s explosive Pulitzer Prize winning play ‘WIT’ will arrive at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre in January.

The play, which is directed by Raz Shaw, is arresting yet uplifting as it asks what aspects of our lives make life truly worth living. It provides an elegant exploration in to humanity whilst assessing the fragility of life and the power of redemption.

Award-winning actress Julie Hesmondhalgh will be returning to the Exchange as she takes on the lead role of Vivian Bearing, a stringent English Professor of remarkable merit. Julie has displayed her excitement at starring in this sharply humorous and incredibly moving play, she stated “for me it is a play that is full of grace and redemption, we meet Vivian at perhaps the lowest point in her life and over the course of the play we watch her learn that it is never too late to live your life to the full”.

When demanding professor of metaphysical poetry Vivian Bearing is devastatingly diagnosed with a form of cancer she be comes determined to stay in control of her life. Approaching this aggressive illness with the same painstaking rationalism with which she conducted her career, she becomes caught between metaphysics, medicine and her own resolve. Vivian becomes drawn to the discipline of medical research, before beginning to realise that it is never too late for compassion, grace and kindness.

Former ‘Coronation Street’ regular Jenny Platt takes on the role of a smart and intuitively accommodation nurse Susie Monahan, who partly functions to help Vivian secure the ability to find peace within herself.

‘WIT’ will be performed from the 21st of January to the 13th of February.

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photo credit: PLAYBILLVIDEO

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