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Witness appeal after armed Cheetham Hill ambush


Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is appealing for information after teenagers were attacked in an armed ambush in Cheetham Hill.

A group of teenage boys were attacked in an unprovoked armed ambush on Sunday 9 April at around 5.15pm.

The group was playing football on the basketball courts of Bignor Street Park. It was then when they were approached by a different group of 7-8 who began abusing and intimidating the boys.

One of the offending group then pulled out a meat cleaver and another started making a phone call asking for others to attend. At that point, the victims decided to leave.

The boys walked up Heywood Street, with the offending group following them. They then turned onto Brideoak Street where some other men appeared, some in cars and others on motorbikes.

This group, who were armed with knives, cricket bats, and a meat cleaver then attacked the group of boys.

During the incident, one of the boys sustained a deep cut to his hand which required surgery. An adult relative of one of the boys was stabbed in his lower back. Another boy who was riding away on a bike was attacked with a bat before having his bike stolen.

The offenders fled the scene prior to officer attendance.

They are all described as Asian males of differing ages who spoke a combination of Urdu and English.

A 13-year-old boy was arrested on Wednesday 12 April 2017, on suspicion of section 18 wounding and remains in police custody for questioning.

Detective Sergeant Gareth Levitt-Jones, of GMP’s City of Manchester team, said: “Greater Manchester Police will not tolerate such violence on our streets and open spaces and we have launched a full investigation.

“I would like to appeal to anyone who believes that they may have information that can assist us to please come forward and contact police”.

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Photo Credit: Google Maps

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