Woman arrested for stealing 3 french fries from police officer

An unnamed woman has been arrested in Washington, D.C, after she allegedly stole three french fries off a police officer’s plate, according to FOX 5’s reports.

While the investigation is ongoing, more information has come to light that the woman was intoxicated when she reportedly stole the fries.

The suspect and her friends sat down next to an officer at the Italian Pizza Kitchen and struck up conversation.

She then allegedly took a fry off his plate as he was eating before taking another one moments later.

After being warned, presumably not to do it again, she did it again and the officer arrested her.

According to the reports, she responded by saying, “Well, then you might as well take me to jail”.

The police report allegedly lists the property stolen as “French fried potato” in the amount of “three”.

TNT will update you on the case in due course.

TNT News

Photo Credit: cegoh


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