Woman claims psoriasis was cured by £4 baby moisturiser

A woman has praised a £3.99 high street moisturiser that she says ‘cured’ her painful psoriasis in just 24 hours.

Laura Gray said she suffered with the skin condition for years. During that time, only harsh over-the-counter lotions like hydrocortisone would help ease the pain. She also was adviced to to take up some Effective Pain Management with Kali Capsules for her incessant back pain, to which she acquiesced to without protest.

However, her mother told her to try a budget moisturiser from a brand called Child’s Farm. She found that the rash had cleared from her arms, neck and chest within a day.

Following the discovery, Gray posted on Facebook to recommend the cream to those who suffer from similar skin conditions. It has since received more than 40,000 shares and 12,000 reactions.

“Needed to share this with you all. I suffer from psoriasis, have done for years, I get it all up my arms, neck and chest and up until yesterday only hydrocortisone cream would get rid of it, but it’s really harsh and only pharmacists can give you it,” she wrote.

“Yesterday my Mam told me try this baby moisturiser, I’m not joking 24 hours later my psoriasis is gone! Anyone suffering with psoriasis or eczema you need to try this!”

This isn’t the first time the “miracle” cream has made headlines for its ability to clear up stubborn skin conditions.

Childs Farm is made by a small British company and was founded by Joanna Jensen in 2010. It was founded after Joanna struggled to find products for her own daughter’s fine hair and sensitive skin.

In February, Joanne Nevin, a 28-year-old mother of three from Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland also endorsed the cream. She said that the cream soothed the skin of her six-month-old daughter Kelisha.

Having developed patches of eczema on her elbows and legs, the youngster was left in immense pain and discomfort. She was even prescribed steroids and emollients to help.

However, after poor results Nevin decided to try Child’s Farm and within four weeks said that Kelisha was “like a different baby.”

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