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Woman decapitated and head flushed down the toilet by jealous husband

A jealous husband is facing a life sentence for decapitating his wife of 30 years, before flushing her head down the toilet.

69-year-old Dempsey Nibbs spiralled into a rage when lively Meals on Wheels worker and 60-year-old Judith Nibbs taunted him by saying she had been seeing other men, as their relationship diminished.

On the evening of April 10 2014, Nibbs attacked the mother of his two children at their flat in Hoxton, east London. He knocked her out with an iron bar, before cutting her head off, smashing it up with a mallet and discarding the pieces down the toilet. The court heard that Judith might still have been alive at the time of the decapitation.

After the brutal killing the crane driver wrote a note to his 30-year-old son Kirk and called 999 to say that police would find two bodies at the property.

However a police officer managed to forcibly break down the door before nobly grappling a shotgun and knife from the clutches of Nibbs, as he attempted to stab himself in the bathroom.

Nibbs, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer but was void of any mental illness, told police that he killed his wife because he thought she was a “snake”.

Their son said that since his mother no longer had to care for his younger sister, his father believed that she had changed and was not “the housewife” she used to be.

Nibbs asked his son to go through his mother’s computer, where he discovered videos of her blowing kisses and saying “I love you” as well as sexually explicit pictures that he stored in a file named ‘Mum Slut’.

During a row on April 7 Mrs. Nibbs, who was originally from Kirkham, Lancashire, admitted to seeing other men and taunted Nibbs by stating “I have had sex eight times”. The next day the mother of five predicted her own murder, as she left work exclaiming, “If I’m not in Friday, I might be dead”.

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Photo credit: Short News

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