Woman films herself giving birth unassisted in her garden

A woman has filmed herself giving birth unassisted in her garden.

Sarah Schmid, from Halle, Germany, has six children and gave birth to all of them outside a hospital.

After she had her first child with the help of a midwife, she had the rest of her children unassisted. One of her children was even born in a Swedish forest.

She decided to give birth to her sixth child at home, in their back garden, and uploaded the video on YouTube.

Warning: The video above includes nudity and graphic footage of childbirth.

After practising medicine for some time and seeing babies delivered, she became inspired to try free-birthing.

‘I watched people giving birth in a hospital and I thought, “I can’t do this. It isn’t relaxing”,’ she told The Sun.

‘It made me realise I wanted to give birth without intervention.’ Sarah wanted to be completely alone so husband Tim was not around during the birth to son Kiran.

By the time she had her second child, Sarah felt she’d become a birth expert and chose to do it alone in a forest in Sweden where they lived.

Tim arrived four hours after Sarah gave birth to take pictures and make sure the duo were okay.

‘I found it stressful in hospital,’ explained Sarah. ‘I found the forest very relaxing, so I thought it was the best place for me to have my baby.

‘I didn’t mind Tim not being there. I knew he had fears about the birth – especially because it was unassisted. But I felt I had to deal with my own fears first.

The couple then took their child home without going to the hospital. The YouTube video has over 1.1million views and comments have been turned off – for obvious reasons.

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Photo Credit: Sarah Schmid

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