Woman pushed to ground by police in Oldham – Watch

A video has emerged of a Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officer pushing a woman to the ground in Oldham, on 7 July 2016.

The video shows an arrest being made on a different person by two police officers, when the woman in question walks over to the scene. She can be seen trying to obstruct the arrest, this is when one of the police officers retaliates and pushes her.

Afterwards, the female appears to be outraged at the police officer’s behaviour. It has since been reported that there will be an investigation into the footage.

However, as the video circulates social media, the police officer has received a largely positive reaction and an abundance of support.

Jane Hegney commented on Facebook, “The police were spot on there. Everyone shouting abuse and getting in their faces they should’ve taken the lot away”. Lynn Barratt agreed, commenting, “Don’t blame him one bit, that’s what you get when you act like a wild animal”.

The majority of comments follow the same theme and believe that the police officer was not in the wrong on this occasion.

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Photo credit: Amazing Amazing

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