Woman puts menstrual blood on face to fight stigma

A woman has chosen to fight the stigma around periods by smearing her menstrual blood all over her face.

Yazmina Jade is a self-proclaimed blood witch and spirit healer who’s dedicated to ‘reclaiming the Feminine through embodiment and sisterhood.’

Yazmina recently smeared her own menstrual blood to her face, as a way to connect with her own body. ‘Through my teenage years and early 20s, I didn’t enjoy or care for my monthly period,’ Yazmina wrote on Instagram.

‘You could say I had an unhealthy relationship with my monthly bleed and didn’t really enjoy getting it at all!!! There was a COMPLETE disconnect from my womb and how I felt towards bleeding.

‘I would use tampons that often hurt and felt so unnatural (a form of self-abuse really).

‘I had no idea, no guidance and I just did what everyone else did, EVEN though it didn’t feel good OR NATURAL at all.

‘It’s taken me years to realise that bleeding is a sacred ritual time, for women to go inward, to let go, to create, to use in powerful manifestation and to honour our womb power and MOTHER EARTH… I have been drawn more and more to reconnecting with my body and especially the womb…

‘We hold sacred wisdom with our wombs. Our BLOOD holds the same wisdom, it’s something to be celebrated, honoured and worshipped. Not hiddened [sic], disowned and sanitized.

‘We have shamed ourselves as women for bleeding, men have placed this taboo on us for bleeding. It’s a time to reclaim our power through reclaiming that which comes naturally for us.. It’s a blessing.’


As a way to reclaim the power of menstruation, Yazmina now does a ritual each month. This involves connecting with her womb while she bleeds and using a menstrual cup so she can see her own blood.  She then uses her menstrual fluid in her garden or applying it to her face so she can learn a greater love and respect for her body.

When Yazmina shared a photo of the ritual online, she received backlash from people who called her ‘sick’.

She’s since created a video to explain why she feels her menstrual ritual is so powerful. She hopes sharing her experiences will take down the shame and silence around menstruation.

‘As women, we’re deeply disconnected with our bodies because of societal shame,’ Yazmina explains.

One user, @serene_earth, in support of Yazmina’s ritual wrote: ‘Such beautiful wisdom ❤🌸’.

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Photo Credit: yazmina.jade

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