A woman was robbed in her own home in Hale

Police are appealing for information after a woman was robbed in her own home in Hale.

At around 7pm on 29 June 2017, a woman was in her home on Rydal Drive. She heard a loud noise, which she assumed to be the return of her husband.

When she went downstairs, the victim was confronted by three masked men who forced her into the kitchen.
Two of the men then went upstairs to search the property, while the third stayed and forced jewellery from the woman.

The offender continued, despite the woman’s attempts to defend herself, before leaving with the other two men in the house, getting into a car, and driving down Hale Road.

One of the offenders is described as mixed race, and the other two are described as white. All in their late teens, and were wearing masks and gloves.

TNT News

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