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A woman has been jailed for trafficking and for the exploitation of other another woman.

On Friday 19 February 57-year-old Margit Biddel of Old Trafford was jailed for three years at Manchester Crown Court, on Minshull Street, following an investigation by the Trafford Organised Crime Unit.

The Romanian woman, who trafficked and exploited a vulnerable 22-year-old woman to work as a prostitute in Piccadilly, was found guilty of arranging and facilitating the travel of another person with a view to exploitation under section 2 of the modern Slavery Act. She was also found guilty of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation under section 59a of the Sexual Offences act 2003.

In addition Biddel was handed a Slavery and Trafficking Prevention Order with a number of conditions to protect the public and to prevent her from engaging in this type of criminality indefinitely.

After almost six months of suffering at the hands of Biddel, the victim managed to get a message to her friend in Hungary. The victim had been encouraged to travel to the UK and when she arrived Biddel soon utilised psychological aggression to intimidate and control her, she also cut off the connections that the victim had with her family and friends.

Finding herself completely isolated from anyone she knew, unable to speak English and in fear that she or her family may be harmed the victim felt that she had no choice but to work for Biddel.

The perpetrator organised transport to the Piccadilly area each night and once there the victim suffered terrifying ordeals, such as being attacked and thrown out of a car. It is believed that she earned up to £400 a night, most of which went directly to Biddel.

On 19 August 2015 the police in Hungary were alerted and through Interpol they managed to contact Greater Manchester Police. Officers attended Biddel’s address in Old Trafford sharply in order to safeguard the victim and to remove her from harm, whilst arresting Biddel.

Detective Sergeant Chris Potter has stated “Biddel had exploited her vulnerability so as to isolate her and cut her off from any family or friend ties and had her constantly watched. Sometimes she kept her locked away to prevent her escape, all for her own financial gain”.

He also added “I am really pleased to say now, after superb work by our partner agencies such as the UK and Hungarian Human Trafficking Centres, the victim has been safely repatriated with family and friends”.

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