Woman teaches Muslim self defence in US – Watch

A number of individuals in America have taken it upon themselves to organise self-defence classes for other Muslim women.

This rise in self-defence groups has been sparked by the election of Donald Trump as US President. Women in the Muslim community have begun to feel increasingly unsafe due to the ideology of many Trump supporters.

It has also hit the news that there has already been an increase in attacks on Muslim women since the election results. Trump’s campaign associated diversity and equality with negativity, leaving minority groups such as black and Muslim people at risk.

Zee Abdulla is an inspirational Muslim lady who decided that she needed to do something. As vice president of an organisation called ‘Deaf Planet Soul’, Abdulla teaches self defence to many Muslim women. This includes those who wear hijabs and those who are deaf.

Soon after the election, she held a ‘hate crime survival seminar’ with a martial arts trainer. This was in response to many requests she had received from women concerned about being the victims of hate crime.

Muslim women are fearful of being the victims of a ‘hijab grab’, in which they are grabbed by their headscarves. The seminar taught the women how to protect themselves in this situation.

Abdulla had the seminar recorded and later shared the video on social media. This way, all of the Muslim women who did not attend would still know how to protect themselves.

With over 3.5 million views and 57,000 shares, the effect that Abdulla has had on Muslim women is clear. Women across the US now know how to tackle a ‘hijab-grab’, should they be unfortunate enough to experience one.

It really is distressing that still in 2016 Muslim women need this kind of training to fight against hate crimes. However, it’s uplifting to know that there are local heroes out there doing great things for the Muslim community.

It seems that Muslim women are ready to stand together against hate crime.

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Photo Credit: BBC Urdu

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