Woman tells of abusive life as a Muslim Lesbian

A Pakistani woman from Longsight, Manchester has opened up about her abusive life as a Muslim lesbian.

As reported by local media, 40-year-old Zayna, remained true to herself despite being discriminated because of her sexuality.

Zayna, whose identity has been protected, said that she has been beaten and humiliated as people accused her of misinterpreting the messages of Quran.

She was forced to drop her PHD course at university, as well as her teaching job at an Islamic school because students and staff felt threatened by her.

Zayna has now decided to speak out in support of other people who find themselves in the same position as her.

She said: “I was born a Muslim and I want to die a Muslim. But if someone wants to kill me then why? Just because I’m a lesbian?

“I am a strong brave person but so many people like me don’t have that courage. I realised I need to come out and tell everyone about my story.”

Zayna grew up as an only child in Karachi, Pakistan, to conservative Muslim parents. Despite them being respectful to people of other races and religions, they couldn’t accept that Zayna was attracted to women.

Both are now dead.

She describes herself as a tomboy and realised she was a lesbian on her 13th birthday.

Zayna said that she’s now calm, living a happy life in the UK, being able to have relationships without fear of prosecution.

She is part of LGBT groups Finding A Voice and LGBT International.


Photo Credit: theverge

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