Woman’s hair ‘eaten’ by vacuum cleaner

Perhaps the war between man and machine will reach our UK shores soon as news of a woman’s hair being eaten by a vacuum cleaner as she slept, emerged.

A South Korean woman who invested in a robot vacuum cleaner was asleep when the machine did its house work. The 52-year old from Changwon city ended up being the victim of what many may call the “I-Robot” attack – the idea that one day machines will fight or attempt to kill human masters and take over the earth.

The woman was taking a nap on the floor in her home when the vacuum cleaner, whilst doing its chores, locked onto her hair and sucked it up; apparently mistaking it for dust.

It is said the pain of her hair being entangled in the robot suction passage woke her up from her sleep. She immediately called the emergency department when she realised she couldn’t free herself, and then paramedics helped to remove the robot’s grip onto her hair, without serious injury to her head.

Robot vacuum cleaners have grown in popularity in recent years, with an American company said to have sold over 10 million units since 2002. The gadgets have sensors that enable them to steer clear of obstacles, avoiding tumbling down the stairs whilst also detecting dust and other debris on the floor.

The incident has brought about humorous debate among ‘tech-heads’ about whether the notion of machines taking over the world is closer to truth than fiction.


TNT News Yasin Chinembiri

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