Women say it’s wrong to have children after 44




Most British women believe that the age of 44 is the cut-off for having a baby. The women say it is “unnatural” and unfair on the child to have older parents, and there is an increased risk of complications such as Down Syndrome.

Of the women who took part in the survey, 3 in 4 polled for the Private Pregnancy UK Show criticised a lack of education about not “leaving it too late” to start a family.

Most of them didn’t think women aged 50-plus should be given fertility assistance, but also thought there was not enough information about preserving fertility.

Anne Francis, chief at Neighbourhood Midwives, an independent service, said some would find the survey results “very judgemental”.

“The great challenge is getting pregnant after 44, but if you can there are many advantages to being an older parent, such as more life experience.

“Sometimes women aren’t in the right circumstances to get pregnant. If they can later that’s something to be celebrated”, she said.

American pop star Janet Jackson is reported to be pregnant with her first child at the age of 49. The singer postponed the second leg of her world tour last month after telling her fans she was planning a family.

According to US media reports, Jackson – who is 50 on 16 May – is expecting a child with her husband Wissam Al Mana and ironically her latest single is Dammn Baby.

Commenting on the singer’s latest news, Dee from Essex said “Jackson must be crazy to reportedly put herself through pregnancy at 50 when menopause is looming…will her baby be healthy? It’s really selfish but I suppose she can afford to make selfish choices”.

When speaking to a woman approaching her 50’s, TNT was told, “If I got pregnant by accident, I would not be aborting my baby as that will be my first child and nobody has the right to be telling me not to”.

Her argument is that “If God has given you the ability to produce eggs, who then can say otherwise, if you do conceive and give birth to a baby?”

Dr Amin Gorgy, consultant and IVF specialist at the Fertility & Gynaecology Academy, said fertility declines rapidly after 35 and even faster past 40. He said, “I recommend couples aim to complete their families by 35”.

He added that the receptivity of the womb for implanting embryos declines after 54, but usually 50 is the age limit for assisted conception.

Dr Alex Eskander, of The Gynae Centre, agreed that 44 is too old for women to have children and advised those delaying conception beyond 35 to consider egg or embryo freezing.

Responding to all the latest discussions in the media on the topic, Gill from Stirling concluded: “Leave us be to make choices best for us and out potential children instead of making us feel guilty for being responsible”.

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