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Women to be forced to name men they slept with in Germany

An adaptation to the law in Germany could mean that women will have to reveal the men that they have had sex with, in certain paternity cases.

The change has been drawn up in an attempt to create more fairness for men who are false fathers and want to claim back compensation, for the support they provided to the child.

In situations where a man believes that he is not the father of the woman’s child, she would have to disclose any names of men that could potentially be the real father. In other words, she must name the man/men that she slept with at the time of conception.

She would have to do this unless there were, what the judge perceived to be, “serious reasons” for not doing so.
As it stands, “cuckoo fathers”, as they are called in Germany, can attempt to claim compensation in these cases.

The idea of the change in law is to allow these men the opportunity to claim the money from the real fathers.

There would now however be a limit of two years on the amount of time that a false father can claim money back for, whereas this used to have no limited time frame.

Heiko Maas, Germany’s Justice Minister, has said, “We need to offer more legal protection for ‘false’ fathers to seek recourse”.

TNT News

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