Workout with TNT – Circuits the way to go

With every bit of toned ab or defined quad, comes the inevitable groaning through the painfully transformative exercise routines.

However, like with most good things pursued, there are higher and lower levels of pain. Now that we got the pain talk out of the way, and you are still reading, let’s talk about the exciting new addition to Chloe Rooms’ Workout with TNT.

27-year-old Chloe sprung into TNT’s offices to update us on what she is rolling out for her regime from Spring onwards. Adding to the Circuits with Workout with TNT, the Fitness Instructor is now bringing Spin classes into the mix.

“We are bringing Spin classes to the sessions, because the weather isn’t as good at the moment. We used to do our training outside but stopped at the end of last year [2015]”, she told TNT.

Spin is “like an intense cardio workout done on bikes, unlike those in the gym”, Chloe explained. “We do fast intervals like 10 seconds fast-riding, then back to normal pace, then 20 seconds riding fast and so on”.

Getting Mancunians ready for summer 2016 to show off those all important hourglass figures and toned muscles, Chloe is carrying out her Circuit sessions starts on Tuesday 1 March, 9.15am and 10.15am. Spin sessions are scheduled for Thursday’s, 6.15pm to 7pm on the same day.

The women-only £2 sessions provide a safe and productive space for women seeking fitness with the privacy and fun they deem essential. With most women’s gripe being centred around male admirers gawking and talking to them, the majority of female gym-goers prefer gender-based gyms.

For all bookings and further information, visit ‘Chloe Atta Rooms’ on Facebook.

TNT Fitness Yasin Chinembiri

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