World Down Syndrome Day 2017

Every year on the 21 March the voices of people with Down syndrome grows louder.

World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) celebrates its 12th Anniversary on 21 March 2017. On this day activities are planned and communities gather to raise awareness of what Down Syndrome is.

As awareness is raised, many come to understand what it means to live with Down Syndrome. Activities and events also highlight how people with Down Syndrome play an important role within lives and communities.

WDSD is celebrated on 21 March because 3 copies of the 21st Chromosome causes the condition. It is not yet known where the third Chromosome comes from – the third Chromosome appears by chance at conception.

It is however understood that the third Chromosome can come from either parent of a child.

The condition affects around 60,000 people in the UK. Around one in every 1000-1100 babies born worldwide will have Down Syndrome. In the UK, two babies having Down Syndrome are born every day.

Although the condition affects many, few communities really understand what the condition is and how it impacts on lives. Down Syndrome does not just affect physical characteristics but it also influences learning styles and impacts on health.

WDSD is a chance for those living with Down Syndrome to voice their opinions. During the Global awareness Day, a powerful single voice is created.

Global communities come together to campaign for the rights of those with Down Syndrome, promoting inclusion and well-being. Governments around the globe are encouraged to listen to concerns.

Members of global communities have been encouraged to share events on WDSD pages. Events will be taking place across the city. South Manchester Down Syndrome Support Group is celebrating WDSD with a session from Singing Hands.

WDSD celebrates equality and inclusion, encouraging love of the ‘extra Chromosome’.

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Photo Credit: CoorDown

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