Worsley College welcome inspirational women to inspire young female students

Five inspiring speakers recently attended The Glass House at Worsley, the college’s very own training restaurant, to address female students from across the college’s many courses.

They were there to speak to the girls and inspire them to be daring, confident, resilient, outspoken, to challenge gender bias and above all else, to believe in themselves.

Samantha Sherrington, Head of Stakeholder and Cultural Transformation at NHS England and the Mayoress of Bolton, has been an advocate for female equality for many years and spoke about the issues women might have in male dominated workplaces, and how to challenge those issues.

She said: “We must aspire to raise women’s issues within the workplace, or nothing will ever change. It’s your time to shine and this is my advice to you:

“Remember that there is always a way, so have perseverance, be curious and be gritty. Be brave. Get yourself an inspirational female mentor. Be careful how you describe other women in the workplace. Let’s use more vocabulary like powerful and determined and less like victim and defensive. Then live that language. Finally, be kind to each other.”

Samantha also spoke about her struggles growing up coming from deprivation, and proved to the girls they didn’t need to accept the circumstances they currently or once faced, they can transform their own lives for the better.

VP Marketing Communications Manager at Norcan Group, Vanessa Ashworth, also spoke at the event and spoke about her successful and lucrative career in Global Marketing amongst other things.

Vanessa showed the girls where they could be in the coming years should they work hard and put their minds to it. She described herself as ‘invincible’ and explained that’s exactly how she had gotten where she is today.

Her advice to the students was: “Cast your net far and wide.”

Vanessa had done just that when she started volunteering. Using her skills in marketing for the good of her local community. She met people from many different walks of life and explained how this made her an even better and more successful person.

She continued: “Challenge the cards you have been dealt and carry on learning.”

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Photo Credit: Salford City College

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