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The ‘wrong’ lesbian is pregnant

A lesbian couple has received major criticism from fans who believe that ‘the wrong one’ is pregnant.

YouTube vloggers, Domo and Crissy have two more months left before they welcome their baby boy into the world.

The couple have a large following on YouTube, their main channel is followed by 1.4 million subscribers. In addition to this their vlog channel has a following of over 800,000.

The famous vloggers have had to deal with hate comments. Domo, who is carrying the couples child has ‘hit back’ at those who criticise her pregnancy. People have said that she is the ‘wrong one’ to be pregnant as she ‘dresses like a man’.

Domo prefers to wear joggers and snapbacks, whereas her partner Crissy is viewed to be most feminine. Domo has not allowed the comments to get her down. She posted a picture of on Instagram, proudly showing off her belly.

Rising above the negative comments, the vlogger wrote that she had ‘always wanted a child’. She said that she will ‘dress how she pleases’, careless of the ‘stereotypes’. The couple have named their son Domonic Cristopher Wilson.

“I am Domonic’s mom and I am proud!” Domo wrote.

“There’s a lot of hate going around with me being a “pregnant stud” which is soooo funny to me”, she said.

The ‘blessed’ vlogger said that she would always teach her son to stand up for himself.

“So Domonic, mommy is sorry that you have to be born in a world full of hate” Domo wrote.

Three weeks ago the couple also shared a touching letter that Domo addressed to her future child. The letter was written four years ago. During this time, ‘just the thought’ of her future child gave her ‘hope’ in ‘this crazy world’.

On Youtube, one subscriber wrote “happy for you domo”. Another subscriber wrote “just because she isnt girly doesnt mean she cant carry a baby!”

The couple’s baby is due on 19 March 2017.


Photo Credit: Domo and Crissy


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