Xbox One X: ‘World’s most powerful’ console

The new Xbox One X, hailed by developer Microsoft as the ‘world’s most powerful console’, has gone on sale in the UK.

The One X supports gameplay in 4K resolution and has six teraflops of power, surpassing the 4.2 mustered by Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro.

Microsoft hopes the system will help it regain ground during the festive period after Playstation dominated the market this year.

Microsoft was king of the video game hill with the Xbox 360, but things haven’t gone nearly as well for the Xbox One. A significant stumble at launch muted momentum for the console and gave Sony a chance to take what’s assumed to be a significant sales lead. As of now, though, Microsoft is hoping to regain that momentum.

Xbox One X is priced at £449, compared with PS4 Pro’s £350 and twice the cost of the standard Xbox One. It launches with the support of 70 enhanced titles that will make the most of its horsepower.

There’s a lot under the hood. Without getting too deep in the technical weeds, Xbox One X is a system built for 4K gaming. It includes a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and has a graphics and computer processing unit that means faster load times and smoother graphics, even on a regular HD TV.

UK Xbox chief Harvey Eagle said the One X is aimed at those who ‘want the very best in console gaming’, adding: ‘We believe now is the time to bring true 4K gaming to the living room’.

Are the specs enough to lure customers?

Will the console’s impressive specifications be enough to lure customers? Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold more than 60 million units worldwide.

No one knows how many Xbox One units have been sold. Microsoft stopped giving sales updates in 2015. But software sales and a shift in publisher exclusives to Sony indicate the PlayStation 4 has a healthy lead over the Xbox One.

Without a new Halo game or some other blockbuster title that fully takes advantage of the Xbox One X’s capabilities, luring people away from the competition is going to be tough. And analysts say that, initially at least, Microsoft probably will have a rough time doing so.

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