“You guys used to be slaves”

A video recorded on a Tube train in which a European woman tells a black man “you guys used to be slaves”, is at the centre of a police investigation.

The incident appears to have happened on the Jubilee Line train between Stratford and West Ham, after the woman and man were involved in an argument when the man accidentally bumped into her. Other passengers looked on at as the argument unfolded. The exact date of the incident is unclear; however the British Transport Police have said they are investigating it

Seemingly recorded by a passenger’s smart phone, the video then shows the woman shouting at the man, “You called me racist, I’m not racist. That is why people have a problem with you guys. I have black friends. I’m not racist.”

She went on to say, “If you acted like a human being then I wouldn’t have a problem with that. You have a problem because you guys used to be slaves”, to which other shocked passengers immediately told her to “shut up” and “don’t say that”. The man can then be heard shouting saying “You are just pouring out your anger now. You [the passengers] see what she said?”

The man dressed in a red blazer and blue jeans gets up and before walking away, tells her to “use her common sense”. Other passengers join in the argument; as one man tells her to “just stop it” as she carries on arguing with them, whilst another tells her to “get some education – you are too ignorant”.

When the black man returns moments later, the woman is then heard telling him, ““You’re a piece of s***. Honestly, I’m fed up with you guys”. She then goes away beyond the camera’s shot.

A spokesman for the police has said, “Officers are currently analysing the video and are appealing for the person who recorded it to come forward.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident, or who has any other information, is asked to contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40, or text 61016, quoting reference T/B11 of 12/02/2015.

(TNT has decided not to show the video)

 TNT News Yasin Chinembiri

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