“You is one motherf*cking racist piece of sh*t” – Snoop Dog

American rapper and actor Snoop Dogg has lashed out at former California Govenor and ‘The Terminator’ Arnold ‘Arnie’ Schwarzenegger this week. Snoop called Arnie a “racist piece of sh*t” for what the rapper said was unfair treatment of prisoners.

Back in 2011, on Arnie’s last day as Governor, he shortened the sentence of convicted murderer Esteban Nunez from 16 years to 7 years. Nunez’s father is former State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who – according to US reports – is a friend of the former governor.

Following Nunez’s release from prison, Snoop blasted Arnie for partiality, and for allowing his friend, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, to die from a lethal injection. Williams was executed in 2005 after Schwarzenegger declined to stay the execution.

In an Instagram video posted on the rapper’s account, Snoop can be heard and seen saying:

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is a straight bitch, punk, motherf*cker! How the f*ck you going to let this n*gger out of jail, n*gger, but you’re going to kill Tookie Williams because homeboy was your friend?”

He added, “You is [are] a b*tch, you is a punk, motherf*cker, I can’t stand you. You is [are] one motherf*cking racist piece of sh*t. Fuck you, Arnold Schwarzenegger”.

So far, there is no reply from Arnie. TNT will update you further on the developments of the story.

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Photo Credit: Mate Donald Bray / Neon Tommy

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